Wonderful 5 Star Review of Meet Bridgeport’s Sweetheart Colleen J. Bartram !

on June 25, 2017
Meet Bridgeport’s Sweetheart is more than a homage to a dancer/contortionist/acrobat mother during and immediately after World War II. It’s a romance, a moving portrait of Colleen Bartram, as she pursued her career, traveling the vaudeville circuit by bus, practicing intricate dance maneuvers in the bus aisle, hustling, always hustling to her next show. The reader will learn the cost of lipstick in post-war America, (and why this was important), it shows the girt and guts of this ensemble as the fight over costumes, who gets to use the bathroom first, and rekindles the enduring power of family ties in America of yesteryear.
This is a delightful love song to a young lady whose talent, drive and sacrifice educated a family. It examines the legacy she created, the self-sacrifice, discipline and denial she possessed, but it also shows the fun and joy of pursuing your dream. This is a story of a very special woman, whose pluck, talent and the will to succeed sets an enduring example, yet it is an enjoyable, ‘must read’ for anyone who wishes to experience America, when family, loyalty and dedication were the order of the day – – a vivid description of the quintessential American dream, epitomized by in the travels of Bridgeport’s Sweetheart.

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