Happy 2018!!

Wishing everyone a very Happy 2018! Many of my articles are archived right here and all the tips and hints still apply. Browse through for relevant info and learn how to stay scam-free!

Public Wi-Fi Tips from AARP


Another ***** 5 Star Review ***** for Meet Bridgeport’s Sweetheart!


How To Block Robocalls on Mobile Phones!

Meet Bridgeport’s Sweetheart Colleen J. Bartram Entered in Contest! Fingers Crossed!


Listen to Advice from FTC on Charity Scams!

Equifax Hack


Scammunition Updates

Scammunition is being updated and will be unavailable for purchase for a short time. I apologize for the inconvenience and am looking forward to announcing the revised and updated edition.

Advice for Your Business

My Apologies For The Errors Found in The Vampire Preservation Society!

Much to my dismay and chagrin, I recently discovered a layout/spacing error in my novel The Vampire Preservation Society! If you have purchased a copy and would like a refund or corrected copy please send me the details of where/when you purchased and we an discuss. Thanks so much for your continued support!