Meet Bridgeport’s Sweetheart Colleen Bartram

What do cartoonist Al Capp, actor Robert Mitchum, and singer John Mayer have in common?
They are all from Bridgeport, a large industrialized city perched on the Pequannock River in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Originally home to the Paugusset Indian Tribe, the small fishing and farming community grew into a town, incorporated in 1821, then a city, incorporated in 1836. Famed circus promoter P.T. Barnum, born in Bethel, CT., adopted Bridgeport as his home, and over the years the city gave birth to flying Frisbees, S & H Green stamps, and Sikorski helicopters to name a few. Affectionately nicknamed “The Park City” in honor of their public park system, her industrious citizens made significant contributions to the state, nation, and world as part of their communal legacy. One of those talented people was a young girl named Colleen Joan Bartram and this is her story.